In the VERY early hours of Monday the 17th of August 24 people will be getting up at 4am to head off to Auckland airport for an early morning flight to Dunedin followed by a bus trip (Mini Vans) to Invercargill for the 2015 edition of the Wisden & Slazenger Cup which will be held from 18-22 August in Stadium Southland (woollies are packed…..twice!!!)

In 2010 Waikato won the Wisden Cup for the first time since 1937 and ended up winning it 3 years in a row. It was the reward for many years of hard work, dedication but most of all a great vision led by the late Peter Icke and the support of the WBA Management Committees over many years.

Wisden-Cup-Team1    Wisden Team 2011    304952_456490684374170_1018690731_n


After two years of missing out on the title Waikato has worked hard to put a team together which will be aiming for the highest spot again. A tough tasks given the strength of especially the Waitakere and North Harbour teams but “between hope and expectation lies self belief” so we shall enter the competition with just that.

The Slazenger Cup team is a team full of young promising players mixed with a sprinkle of experience as Sheree Hart (Jefferson) has made a comeback to the Baddy courts and we are very pleased to have her strengthening the team while Amanda Brown (former national ladies singles winner) is coming back from across the ditch to once again represent Waikato. With the team just having come up from Division 3 last season the aim will be to fight for a spot in the 2016 edition of the Slazenger Cup.


Wisden Cup: Zvonimir Durkinjak (Croatia), Asher Richardson, Oliver Leydon-Davis, TJ Weistra, Peter R. Jensen, Joy Lai (Australia), Susannah Leydon-Davis, Kelly Stern, Erena Calder-Hawkins & Josefine Jensen

Slazenger Cup: Vinny Harris, Chris Steeghs, Matthew Graham, jasmanjot Virk, Jack Boyle, Amanda Brown, Jahvaya Wheki, Neisha Bouma, Bianca Yunus & Sheree Hart.

To follow our teams and all the result click on the below link:

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