Shuttle Time Coaching Course

Shuttle Time is a global project / programme supported by and delivered in over 100 countries and focuses on introducing basic Badminton coaching skills to teachers and coaches working with school aged children. The Badminton World Federation has made incredible resources available which are easy to use. All Shuttle Time course attendance will get access to a free app with ready-made lesson plans, skill demo’s and lots of video footage.

Waikato Badminton is an accredited Shuttle Time provider and on Saturday 25 March we will be hosting a Shuttle Time course from 9.30am-4pm. The course is completely FREE!!! This course is ideal for anybody who is or wants to be involved with delivering Badminton sessions. Previous experience is NOT required and the course is also great for student leaders who are 16 years are older.

To find out more about Shuttle Time you can click on the below linkS and/or the flyer. To register email TJ at ceo@waikatobadminton.co.nz







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