Join this fun and exciting event which welcomes players of any ability! Enter as an individual, meet new people and play as a team!

Date: Friday 3 June 2022
Juniors Session Time: 4.00pm-7.00pm (minimum 8 years old; up to 18 years old)
Seniors Session Time: 7.00pm-10.00pm (minimum 15 years old)
Cost: $10 per person (players will be assigned to a team)
Entry AND Payment Due by: TBC

Account Number 03-1555-0090702-000 (record “Name + Relay” as reference)
No late entries will be accepted, and an additional fee will be applicable on late payments.

Tie Format:

  • Doubles #3
  • Singles #3
  • Doubles #2
  • Singles #2
  • Doubles #1
  • Singles #1


  • Each player to play a minimum of 1 game and a maximum of 2 games per tie round.
  • The same partners cannot play two doubles matches as a pair.
  • Games are played with an accumulative team score with the aim to reach 66 points before the other team. Doubles #3 plays to 11, Singles #3 plays to 22, Doubles #2 plays to 33, so on and so forth until Singles #1 plays to 66. Scores are carried over from previous game.