Interclub Regulations 2023


Entry to the Competition is open to:
(a)                   Clubs affiliated to the Waikato Badminton Association (WBA)
(b)                   Any club/team with the approval of the WBA Board/Staff

All enquiries to

Round 1 (May – July)

A / B / C / D Grade                                        2 men and 2 women

Interclub Entry Form 2023
Interclub R1 Result Sheet 2023

  • A / B / C / D Grades: 1 men’s singles, 1 women’s singles, 1 men’s doubles, 1 women’s doubles, 1 mixed doubles. Played on Tuesday evenings 7pm at Eastlink Stadium or the venue of the home club at a time agreed upon with the WBA Events Manager. Entries close 3rd May and competition starting on 9th May.

Round 2 (August – September)

Dallinger B Grade Cup / President’s C Grade (3 men and 3 women)
Russ Proctor Cup / Women’s Interclub (4 players)

2023 Interclub Presidents & Dallinger Entry Form
2023 Interclub Russ Proctor & Womens Entry Form

  • Round 2: Dallinger B Grade and Presidents C Grade: 3 men’s doubles, 3 women’s doubles and 3 mixed doubles.
  • Russ Proctor (2 singles and 5 doubles) and Women’s Interclub (6 doubles).

Grading Policy & Lists (highlighted is newly added players and players with changed grades):

WBA Female Grading List 2023

WBA Male Grading List 2023

WBA Grading Policy