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Waikato Badminton is extremely pleased to announce that it has signed a major partnership agreement with TUI MEDICAL. Tui Medical is a group of six medical clinics that are locally owned and operated in the Waikato. Tui Medical provides a comprehensive, low-cost, family-based general practice. In addition to GP services they also offer nurse-led, specialist and urgent/acute drop-in services at their general practice clinics.

The agreement will see Waikato Badminton and Tui Medical working closely together on several initiatives. Tui Medical has recognised the major health benefits associated with playing Badminton as recent studies completed by the University of Sydney confirm that especially people playing racquet sports have a reduced risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease (CVD). As part of the agreement, Tui Medical patients will be offered heavily subsidised rates to go and play Badminton at the Eastlink Badminton Stadium in Hamilton East.

Tui Medical will be taking on the naming rights to all major Waikato Badminton events including the prestigious Waikato International which will be held from 16-19 March at the Eastlink Badminton Stadium. All 2017 Waikato Badminton Senior, Masters, Vets and Super Vets inter provincial teams including Waikato’s very successful Premier League Wisden Cup team will be renamed to reflect the new partnership agreement.

TJ Weistra, Waikato Badminton’s Chief Executive, says “we are absolutely delighted by the new partnership. It will create new possibilities for people to participate in sport to improve their health at a very low cost while at the same time providing crucial support for all our events and programmes throughout 2017”.

Navin Rajan, Tui Medical’s Managing Director, stated “Tui Medical is committed to the wellbeing of our patients and staff. Playing sport and being active plays a very important role in people’s overall health. We believe that the partnership with Waikato Badminton provides important benefits to our patients and staff as the easy access to playing/participating is fantastic and at a cost far lower than for example joining a gym. Patients won’t need to invest in buying expensive equipment as this will all be provided free of charge by Waikato Badminton”.





For more information with regards to this news release please contact Waikato Badminton.

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