We are happy to bring back the Gong Cha Team Relay to you on Friday 2nd June, which once again is proudly supported by Gong Cha Hamilton. All participants will receive a free bubble tea on the day of the competition!

Join this fun and exciting event which welcomes players of any ability! Enter as an individual, meet new people and play as a team!

Designed as a competition for all skill levels, you enter as an individual and get assigned to a team. There will be separate Junior and Senior events. Participants aged 8-18 to play in the Junior Event and those aged 16+ to play in the Senior Event. Players between the ages of 16-18 may choose which event to play in.

Date: Friday 2nd June 2023
Time: Juniors 4 pm-6:30 pm (8-18yrs)
Seniors: 6:30 pm-9:30 pm (16yrs+)

Venue: Eastlink Badminton Stadium
Cost: $10 per person (players will be assigned to a team)
Entry AND Payment are Due by: 11.59 pm Sunday 29 May 2022

Enter here: Gong Cha Team Relay Entry

Account Number 03-1555-0090702-000 (record “Name + Relay” as reference)
Contact: samuel.smith@waikatobadminton.co.nz

Tie Format:

  • Doubles #3
  • Singles #3
  • Doubles #2
  • Singles #2
  • Doubles #1
  • Singles #1


  • Each player is to play a minimum of 1 game and a maximum of 2 games per tie-round.
  • The same partners cannot play two doubles matches as a pair.
  • Games are played with an accumulative team score with the aim of reaching 66 points before the other team. Doubles #3 plays to 11, Singles #3 plays to 22, Doubles #2 plays to 33, and so on until Singles #1 plays to 66. Scores are carried over from the previous game.