Waikato Badminton Association Management Committee
Summary of responsibilities
•    Governance of Waikato Badminton Assoc
•    Governance of Waikato Badminton Assoc
Funding: CEO & WBA Administrator
•    Applications to funding organisations; management of funds received; relationships with funders
•    Ensures correct resolutions are approved by Management Committee
•    Reports to WBA Management Committee
Sponsorship: CEO
•    Obtains sponsorship for special events and Sport Development programmes
•    Obtains external funding/sponsorship through stadium advertising etc
•    Liaises with Funding, President or Vice President
•    Reports to WBA Management Committee
Public Relations: CEO
•    WBA website, all media contacts, media releases, marketing and promotion
•    Liaises with all Convenors
•    Reports to WBA Management Committee
Tournaments and Events Convenor:
•    Liaises, co-ordinates, manages and runs Badminton NZ-sanctioned events (Junior Nationals, etc.)
•    A, B, C, D Graded Closed events and the Mark Dean Mixed Doubles
•    Sets up sub-committees for each event
•    Updates entry forms
•    Coordinates WBA’s annual calendar
•    Has budget approved prior to each event
•    Uses Tourney Planner and Tourney Team computer software
•    Reports to the CEO
Junior Convenor:
•    Organises junior sub-committee
•    Runs Junior Non-Rep Tournaments
> >   entries, scheduling, court bookings, prizes
> >   liaises with Development Officer
> >   liaises with Tournaments and Events Convenor
•    Plans Junior Representative Teams logistics (Local Derby, NI Champs, Nationals)
•    Creates budgets for all Junior events
•    Maintains stock control of WBA Uniforms for Junior players
•    Ensures junior training and event fees are paid in a timely manner
•    Reports to CEO
Interclub Convenor:
•    Liaises with CAC for WBA calendar
•    Oversees interclub events run for Association:
> >   review and promulgation of rules
> >   set date for captains’ meeting; update possible rule changes
> >   check entry forms, draw; check and promulgate results
> >   distribution of shuttles
•    Books courts for Semis and Finals
•    Reports to CEO
Masters Convenor:
•    Covers Masters Inter-Association and other Masters events
•    Maintains stock control of WBA Uniforms for Masters, Vets, S/vets
•    Liaises with selectors to compose teams
> > Masters Selectors:
> >> Set trial dates and advise all Masters, Vets, Supervets and clubs
> >> Book courts, supply shuttles
>> > Report to Masters Convenor
•    Allocates and books courts for team practices; advises players of times
•    Allocates and books courts for draws
•    Advises Associations and WBA team captains of court allocations, start times, and after-competition function
•    Arranges team shuttles
•    Arranges after-competition function with ‘Inter-Association and Hospitality’
•    Updates Masters noticeboard
•    Reports to CEO
Inter-Association and Hospitality
• Responsible for all Inter-Association ties held at the Waikato Badminton Stadium
> > Juniors, Seniors, Masters/Vets
> > Stadium preparation (cleanness, nets/posts, flooring)
> > Tie-sheets (control room)
• Makes sure Associations are aware of court allocations and start time, after-competition function
• Liaises with Tastebuds catering
• Liaises with team captains, particularly for away games
• Arranges shuttle requirements
• Reports to CEO