The Annual General Meeting of Waikato Badminton Association Incorporated (WBA) shall be held at 6.00pm on Saturday 3 December 2022 at the Hamilton Garden’s Café, Hungerford Cres, Hamilton Gardens.

Below is the information relating to this meeting including important documents about:

Further documentation will be posted by 17 November including:

  • 2022 AGM Agenda
  • 2022 Annual Report
  • 2021/22 Annual Financial Statements

BOARD MEMBER NOMINATIONS – Deadline 5.00pm on Friday 4 November 2022

A list of Board vacancies is provided below as well as the method in which candidates may be nominated. Remaining on the Board through 2023 as part of their two-year term:

  • Stu Morgan (Elected Board Member / 2022 President)
  • Dominic Buckell (Elected Board Member)
  • Susannah Leydon-Davis (Elected Board Member)
  • Rupinder Virk (Elected Board Member / 2022 Vice President)
  • Tom Jarman (Appointed Board Member)

Completion of their terms:

  • Luke Lee (Elected Board Member)
  • Kenneth Yew (Elected Board Member)
  • Graham Roberts (Elected Board Member)
  • Meera Bala (Appointed Board Member)

Therefore at this AGM, Waikato Badminton Association seeks to fill three (3) Elected Board Members and one (1) Appointed Board Members for two-year terms.

Nominations for the vacant Board positions should be emailed through to by 5.00pm Friday 4 November 2022 using the attached forms: Board nomination form

PROPOSED MOTIONS BY MEMBERS – Deadline: 5.00pm on Sunday 13 November 2022

Any member wishing to table any motion at the AGM, should advise WBA in writing by 5.00pm Sunday 15 November 2020 using the attached Proposed Motions form.

Summary of Key Dates

4 November 2022        Board Nominations Close
13 November 2022       Deadline for members to move items of business
17 November 2022       AGM Agenda and documents posted on WBA website
3 December 2022         WBA Annual General Meeting