WMG2017 Waikato playersWaikato players won a combined total of 24 medals at the 2017 World Masters Games held in Auckland from 21-30 April. The biggest sporting event in the world with over 28,000 participants saw 1200 players competing in Badminton split over a team event and individual event which were split into three grades being A, B and C Grade.

A fantastic festival played in great spirit saw some very sore bodies at the end of the 10 days competition keeping physio’s busy throughout the competition. Waikato is very proud of all the players that participated and extend a sincere congratulations to all those players that won medals (see below).

Team Event:

A Grade:
Tracey Hallam, Doriana Rivera, Alastair Gatt and TJ Weistra as part of the “Mixed Bag” 40+ Team – SILVER MEDAL
Bruce Darby part of the “Shuttle Blacks” 55+ Team – GOLD MEDAL
Jackie & Ray Downs as part of the 55+ “Dynamic” Team – SILVER MEDAL
Warren Robinson part of the 60+ “Smash Blacks” Team – SILVER MEDAL
Murray Orr part of the 65+ “Kiwis & Kilts” Team – BRONZE MEDAL

B Grade:
Amanda Stewart part of the 40+ “Wiley Wetas” Team – GOLD MEDAL

Individual Events:

A Grade:
Tracey Hallam – 40+ – GOLD (WS), GOLD (WD) & SILVER (MXD)
Doriana Rivera – 40+ – GOLD (WD), GOLD (MXD)
Alastair Gatt – 40+ – SILVER (MXD)
Jackie Downs – 55+ – SILVER (WS), SILVER (WD) & BRONZE (MXD)
Ray Downs – 55+ – BRONZE (MXD)

B Grade:
Scott Laurie – 35+ – GOLD (MS)
Amanda Stewart – 45+ – BRONZE (MXD)

For all results click: http://www.tournamentsoftware.com/tournamentlist.aspx?id=2&cb=CEAA0375-8700-44C5-884F-94AF7DA71045

The next World Masters Games will be held in 2021 in Kansai, Japan!!! http://www.wmg2021.jp/en


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